long dayy


FINALS ARE OVAAAAAAA. so happy about that. Right after going to class at 8 am in the morning with the pop kids, we went to get some breakfy. breakfast put me into a food coma and i passed out for 5 hours. then woke up to start me day with COFFEEE! [well chai tea latte that is] so odd, cuz i told them my name, meghan, and the lady spelled it with two g’s hahaha she knows whats upp

&&& did my laundry like a big girl before i go home

took forever, but was worth it for clean clothes

im stoked to go back, but dang im gonna miss my girlss

my bestie Lily Elise <3

my roomie MC

my pop girls

my Alpha Phis

basically in love with the people here

now gotta pack my life for home.

<3 Megg