MEGG on The Voice Season 7

You guys… the incredible amount of support and love I received from you all last night and this morning is absolutely heartwarming. I’m so lucky to have the friends, family and supporters that I have and last night was a lovely reminder of that.

In case you didn’t know, I auditioned for The Voice Season 7. After a few auditions, I finally made it to blinds where I got to sing in front of my absoute idol, Gwen Stefani. I sang ‘Celebrity Skin’ by Hole & unfortunately none of the judges turned around. The thing is, I 100% gave it my everything and put my soul out there so i walked off the stage with my head held high. I was really proud that I showed them exactly who I am as an artist. Not to mention, I was really blown away with how complimentary the judges were. Each judge told me that my pitch was right on & that I was a powerhouse singer & my idol told me that I was “the whole package”. However, I agree with Blake and Pharrell in the sense that I needed to find a sweet moment in the song and needed to annunciate more clearly. At the end of it though, Gwen called me up from exiting the stage to give me a hug and told me that she loved everything about me and really hoped I would come back for the next season. Even though I didn’t make a team, I had a beautiful experience where I met talented people with lovely souls & I got to learn about myself on the way. Oh, AND SING FOR MY IDOL AND HUG HER.

So again, thanks for all the love, the kind words on social media and text messages & your support. That meant more to me than you will ever know. Like, seeing all of these on snapchat & fb? So awesome. I’m so blown away

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If you missed the show, you can watch my segment here!

Check back for more updates about what’s next, cuz you know I ain’t done…