new year//new shit


I had a beautiful holiday in the mountains with my family and an incredible New Years Eve watching my friends will, rozzi, sam & brandon open for Maroon 5 in Vegas. then spent the first few days of 2015 in Utah exploring Zion National Park with great friends. I’ve never been a nature girl or one to care about experiencing Mother Nature and all her glory, but this trip totally transformed me. we hiked for miles and miles through the Narrows (in full waterproof jumpsuits and water boots haha), the Watchman Trail and others. it was such a spiritual weekend.





if you’re wondering why I’m rambling bout dis shit, it’s because I realized something while I was sitting in the cabin we rented, looking out at the gorgeous view through the living room window. I haven’t been doing and creating all that I want to due to family issues, mental barriers and whatever else I could use as a scapegoat. truth is, these are all bullshit excuses that I have decided to deal with & bury six feet under. I know why I was put on this planet and what I was created to do & that is to sing. to create. to write music. to perform. to speak through song. & that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m tired of pretending I’m content with not doing music everyday. I’m not content with that. I’m changing my life drastically and switching around my priorities. now. today. this year I’m gonna do what I want to do & focus on my own happiness instead of worrying about everyone else’s.

for those of you who have stuck with me through this little dry spell, thank you. & to all the new fans that keep brightening my day with the cutest, sweetest insta comments, YouTube comments and tweets, thank you too. i love all of you that support me. it means the world.

2015 is going to be an incredible year for me. i can feel it. get ready for new music, videos & whatever else i feel like creating.

huge shoutout to my big brother for somehow always knowing when i need a pep talk and giving one to me without me even asking. tell someone in your family that you love them today. it’s one of those days <3

welp, what started out as your typical ‘happy new year’ blog turned into what kinda feels like a venting/therapy session. not sure if this was just something that I needed to write down for me or something to share…but whatever. fuck it. you all are part of my journey so I’m gonna share it.

anyways, i’m done with the sap – LET’S DO SOME RAD SHIT THIS YEAR. yesterday is over, tomorrow may not come so all we have is this moment.

stoked for what’s to come.