New YT Mashup Video


it’s been a WHILE since I’ve put a cover video up on YouTube so I’m really excited to share this with you all.

not only am I so grateful to have such talented friends to make music with, but I’m really happy that I can share ideas with my friends & without hesitation, they’re down to jump in with me. I told my friend, Max Hamiliton, the idea & asked if he wanted to sing it with me. he was in immediately. all we had to do was figure out a way to record it, film it & edit the video. we were incredibly lucky to have our friends Will Baldocchi, Rob Nagelhout & Hunter Porter play on the song, Will & Rob record the song & Julio Macias & Alfredo Ibarra, from Blank Films, film & edit the video.

the two songs we mashed up are Beautiful War by Kings Of Leon and Adore You by Miley Cyrus. these two songs really spoke to me & were on that ‘repeat’ playlist I seem to make every time I come across a handful of songs I like haha. any who, here it is. enjoy <3


thank you to everyone who worked on this video. it’s really rad to see a small idea turn into a beautiful piece of art.

if you like what you heard/saw, PLEASE please please share it with your friends. we’d love for as many people to hear it as possible :)



p.s. vocals for the new EP are finished ;) the songs are currently in the mixing process. i’ll keep you updated as far as when I’ll be releasing them & all that good shit.