new video! #sonsofanarchy



the show we all know and love. in the case of Caitlin Notey from Huxlee & me, we are obsessed. this season, Season 7, is not only the last season of the series but it is also incredibly brutal and gnarly in the most bad ass way. after last week’s episode, Caitlin & I were completely inspired to create something dark and creepy. the show’s theme song “This Life”, by¬†Curtis Stigers and the Forest Rangers,¬†depicts the show perfectly so we thought why not cover it and put our twist on it based on how this season is going so far.

we were lucky enough to work with the beautifully talented Anna Zlokovic from Aporkalypse Productions. not only did she direct, produce and edit the video, she also had the idea to film it using a Canon Autozoom 814 Super 8mm film camera. so fucking rad.

so, while you wait for tonight’s episode of Sons of Anarchy, check out our version of the theme song “This Life” to help get ya in the twisted mood for what’s to come on FX tonight.


p.s. we would LOVE to have Kurt Sutter somehow see this so if you could share, pass it along, whateva, that would be greatly appreciated!


MEGG & Huxlee


Recorded, Engineered & Produced : Caitlin Notey
Mixed : Keith Armstrong (Pietown Sound)
Video Production, Direction & Editing : Anna Zlokovic (Aporkalypse Productions)
Make Up Artist : Brielle McKenna