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new year//new shit

HAPPY NEW YEAR GURSHIESSS! I had a beautiful holiday in the mountains with my family and an incredible New Years Eve watching my friends will, rozzi, sam & brandon open for Maroon 5 in Vegas. then spent the first few days of 2015 in...


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! <3, MEGG WAITkwtgjhrhUHOHuhgrhgreiuhiufTHESKELETONkjrgnltmgISukjewhnlgreTAKINGkjnrdkherhOVEERRRR welp, that was that. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Love, Skelly TRICK-OR-TREAT [shout-out to Volcom for the jacket]


k. i know ive been m.i.a. on this whole bloggin thing, so here i am. im back BOOM! alright so heres what new… me and the boys just finished recording a new Britney Spears cover.. so get ready for that. release dates to be...